Electric Power Range

Boasting advanced technology, Porter Electric is a 100% clean commercial vehicle that has catered for a wide spectrum of diverse mobility needs for over 20 years while offering extraordinary savings in all running costs.
Ideal for all transport applications, its all-electric, zero emissions powertrain makes it particularly well suited for use in historic town centres. The electric motor, with independent excitation circuit, control driver and dedicated wiring and software for signal transmission ensures smoother, more comfortable power delivery. The result is extraordinarily precise power control when pulling away and accelerating, while the improved energy efficiency of he motor produces less heat.
Porter Electric delivers outstanding performance in terms of both range (up to 110 Km) and charging times for the lead acid batteries - taking just 8 hours for a full charge or 2 hours in quick-charge mode when the vehicle is needed sooner. Producing 11 kW and a peak torque of 215 Nm, the electric powertrain gives the vehicle a top speed of 57 km/h. The extraordinary quietness of the electric powertrain also significantly reduces noise pollution in city centres.
In addition to these economic and environmental advantages, Porter Electric also offers the ability to access restricted traffic zones, opening up even more possibilities for work compared with conventionally engined vehicles. 

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