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Porter Chassis

Porter Chassis offers a solid foundation for a multitude of different upfits to cater for the specific needs of a wide range of sectors. Combining extraordinary compactness and agility with sturdy construction and impressive load capacity, Porter can be configured with upfits offering comparable performance to conversions normally applied only to much larger vehicles in spite of is significantly more compact dimensions.

As well as offering advantages in terms of quicker transport times and simplicity of use, another exclusive advantage of the compact dimensions of the Porter is the ability to reach particularly inaccessible destinations, such as city alleys or the narrow streets of small historic town centres.

Available as the following versions:

  • with a choice of Multitech petrol engine or Ecopower petrol/LPG bifuel engine
  • with reduced load capacity (for a GVW of 1.5 tonnes) for even lower running costs
  • as the Maxxi variant, offered with a choice of Multitech petrol, Ecopower petrol/LPG or Greenpower petrol/methane engines
  • version Extra 

Do you often find that you've reached the capabilities of your vehicle and need more? Find out how you can toughen it up.


A chassis-cab for every necessity


  • City sanitation
  • Street cleaning
  • Park maintenance


  • Three-sided tipper bed with crane
  • Reinforced load box
  • Aerial platform


  • Sales from stall alongside vehicle or on-board vehicle


  • Refrigerated box van
  • Curtain side van, box